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Saturday, February 21, 2004

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New Item
  • We have been so busy we have been unable to update the site as often as we would like to. Please accept our apologies for these delays. We are aware that there are still some dead links around and we are working on correcting all of them. We also hope to get some of the old favorites of the site back up with their new look and information. Thank you for your patients.
  • The Leagues section was added and some leagues' standings are now available. All sanctioned leagues high scores were also posted.
  • We are now in the process of launching this new improved version of MBC On-Line! During this redesign period some features of the site are not available. You may also have notice that some of your favorite content has been removed from MBC On-Line and moved to our sister site BowlingFans.com.
    At this point we would rather have some pages online so that their content is available, even though they may contain some broken links. All these broken links will be corrected as more of the site comes online. Please have some patients and bear with us until the new web site is complete.
  • MBC On-Line will be redesigned for Y2K! We are in the process of evaluating every page on the web site and will be making significant changes to the layout, navigation, and script languages the site currently uses . Keep checking back for more information. Our main goals will be to discontinue the use of Java applets and speed up each page's loading time. We regret that there will not be any Ball Specs updates until the new site is complete.
  • BowlingFans.com launches in public preview! Look to BowlingFans.com for the latest news about bowling!
  • MBC On-Line launched several new domains this past week. www.miltonbowl.com mirrors our preferred domain of www.miltonbowling.com. Our other new domain, www.bowlsearch.com leads directly to the MBC On-Line Bowling Search Engine! There is no need to change your existing bookmarks as our "old" domains remain the same.
  • The Qubica Bowland II Scoring System is here! For more information about this new exciting system check out our the Qubica Scoring page.

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