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Thursday, March 11, 2004

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Qubica WorldwideThe Future is Here...
Milton Bowling Center installs
the latest technology in scoring!
ScorerThe Key Pad Once again, Milton Bowling Center is the first to bring the latest technology to Vermont for the game of bowling with its purchase and installation of the Qubica Bowland II system and the Q-Bump bumper system.

This new system will offer several services and games previously not available to bowlers in North Vermont. We hope you'll come by and see it in person.
Bowland II
Bowland GamesBowland II offers the latest in technology scoring systems. Its a 3D animated adventure with a comprehensive connection of alternative bowling games, pin fall animation and graphics, and much more. This fantastic system has sound effects, more colors, and more animated characters.

Lets not forget to mention the games it offers:
SLOT MACHINE: This casino favorite on every lane.
TIC TAC TOE: Battle against the computer.
QUBES: This easy to follow game will captivate everyone.
POGO PIN: Our theme park star QUPEE rides his pogo stick from lane to lane for a "Visual Lottery".
Q-Bump Its absolutely amazing!

Mom, dad, and the kids can all bowl happily on the same lane without making any compromises. The new Q-Bump Bumper system's automatic bumpers which are tied into the new scoring system allow bumper bowlers and non bumper bowlers to bowl on the same lane! The bumpers automatically pop-up for those who want them, and drop back down for those who don't!

Other Special Features
Spare Finder GraphicsAutomatic spare finder graphics! Not sure how to pick up that leave? Don't worry the scoring system is on your side. It will show you where to aim your ball so you don't miss it.
Ball Speed IndicationYou'll know how fast you are throwing your ball with the built in ball speed indicator. Using this feature you can learn what speed is best for your game.
Poker BowlingAs everyone bowls, they are dealt a card from the deck. They continually try to build their best hand, and compete against other players on the same pair of lanes. When the game ends the system calculates the best hand and displays the winner. All picture cards are animated and actually speak!

We will also offer the following special features throughout the year as tournaments and to our leagues for their fun nights!
No TapThis old favorite is brought back, but we can also do 7, 8, or 9 Pin No Tap! It's also player selective, kids on 7 pin and adults on 9 pin for example, and all on the same lane.
3 - 6 - 9With this tournament format an automatic strike is given in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th Frames.
Low GameAn emphasis on spare making is need with this game since the system scores in reverse and you are penalized for strikes and misses. Its best to pick off the 7 or 10 pin only.
Best BallThe best ball value over a series of games is carried down to build the best game.
Best FrameThe best frames are carried down to build the best team games.

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